A newbie plays Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Ep37

It's a double dose of A Newbie Plays Dwarf Fortress! These final two (for now) episodes were recorded in late December, and today they're finally online (long story). We'll be back with more Dwarf Fortress someday, but in these episodes, you can enjoy Wes and Will finishing off their fortress's water reservoir, and listen as they reflect on everything they learned with a special guest.

Welcome to Illralam, a land of optimistic dwarves and bloodthirsty elves. It's the world of PC Gamer's Dwarf Fortress LP "A newbie plays Dwarf Fortress." Wes, the newbie, teams up with Dwarf Fortress veteran and PCG video producer Will to learn the ropes of the dwarven life simulator.

Want to know more about Dwarf Fortress? In early July 2014, Dwarf Fortress received its first major update in two years. We wrote about why now is the time to get into the game with our guide Into the deep. Now you can learn along with us.

Check back for new episodes every Tuesday/Thursday. And enjoy!

Wes Fenlon
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