A new Prodeus gameplay trailer showcases splattery retro-FPS action

VIDEO: Watch the Prodeus trailer from the PC Gaming Show above. Also on YouTube.

Prodeus was announced in late 2018 with a trailer that "revels in '90s hyper-violence." A planned release in 2019 didn't happen (although we did get 12 minutes of "furious retro FPS action"), but 2020 is looking pretty good: A new trailer that appeared today on the PC Gaming Show promises an Early Access launch in the fall.

The trailer has plenty of guns and guts, and also offers a (very) brief glimpse at the included level editor, which Prodeus players can use to create and easily share levels. It's not shown in use, but the zoomout suggests that it will enable the creation of some very big and varied maps.

The violence is what we're really here for, though, and Prodeus looks set to deliver, with no concern for things like "story" or "coherence." The Steam page promises a "high quality 3D retro aesthetic," with "over the top visual effects," destruction, dismemberment, and "infinite blood," but as to what it's actually about? The trailer's got big, armored soldiers, floating eye spiders, zombies, some king of dog-demon, and right near the end a tall, glowing alien creature that reminds me of a Vortigaunt. And I like that—sometimes, guns, guts, and guitars are all you really need. 

Prodeus is available for wishlisting on Steam. To learn more about the game and the people making it, direct your attention to prodeusgame.com.

Andy Chalk

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