A new Galaxy in Turmoil trailer shows off Star Wars: Battlefront-inspired gameplay

Galaxy in Turmoil was originally intended as a revival of the canceled Free Radical shooter Star Wars: Battlefront 3. That plan went astray in 2016 when, to everyone's complete lack of surprise, LucasFilm laid it out with a cease-and-desist order. But it bounced back a few months later by ditching all the Star Wars trappings and proceeding as a Battlefront-like, but not Battlefront-actual, game. 

The demo promised for the fall of 2017 by developer Frontwire Studios did not materialize, but work has continued and today the developers shared a very short clip of pre-alpha gameplay on Reddit. Conversation followed, the response was generally positive, and so the studio decided to put out a longer clip on YouTube

The controls and physics are still pretty rough in spots, particularly the atmospheric flight maneuvering, which really doesn't convey any feeling of mass or momentum. But the in-space flight and the third-person shooting look very promising, at least as far as you can tell from a gameplay video. And as the intro says, this is all pre-alpha, and thus "may not represent the final product." 

Frontwire is not currently looking for Galaxy in Turmoil testers, but when they do they'll put out the word on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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