Updated: Destiny 2 trailer focuses on big bad guy (and annoying Sony exclusives)

Update: Okay, we got some juicy news after all. Destiny 2 now has a confirmed PC release date: October 24. That's a little after the September 6 console launch, but not as bad as feared when we confirmed the delay. The PC will also get a beta in August, which will go early to those who pre-order. You can do so now via the Blizzard app.

Original story: PC gamers planning to become Guardians later this year will have been watching tonight's PlayStation conference at E3 hoping for more info on Destiny 2.  The reward: a second story trailer focusing on the game's main antagonist, Ghaul, commander of the Cabal's Red Legion. And between the his face mask and his need to over-explain his nefarious plans, the influence of Bane was very obvious.

His motivation, as revealed in the trailer, is to crush the human race because he believes we aren't worthy of the Traveller’s light—that’s the giant orb that gives guardians their space magic. He wants that good stuff for himself. Which is why, after a brief but effective invasion, the Traveller is ensnared and the Guardians booted out of their Tower stronghold without their gears or powers. It’s a mess. 

Other than story, we got another short look at a new-ish weapon. That multi-shot beehive-looking thing is almost certainly Dubious Volley, a “missing” rocket launcher from the original Destiny. Unfortunately, from our perspective the presentation was somewhat soured by the focus on a bunch of PlayStation-exclusive content that we'll likely never get to experience running at a crisp uncapped framerate on our machines because the stuff will be locked to Sony's platform for at least a year. PS4 owners get an exclusive strike, a PVP map, some armor sets, and an exotic weapon called Borealis. Frankly, it’s pretty annoying. Oh, they get a ship too, but those are just glorified loading screens. For real.

On a brighter note, with this out of the way we'll finally be able to capture native PC footage tomorrow from the show floor, plus have a go with the new Arcstrider Hunter subclass. Let's reconvene then and decide how mad to be. Also stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the game director.

Tim Clark

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