A modder got drunk on rum and then made these surprisingly beautiful Skyrim rock textures

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When your online handle is "winedave," you're perhaps setting yourself up for certain expectations. I expect this modder is a man named Dave, and that he likes wine. I'm surprised from looking at winedave's profile on Nexusmods that he hasn't made any wine-related mods, but that's forgivable considering the quality and utterly perfect name of this mod, Rum Induced Mountains.

As mod names and descriptions go, I can't think of one much better than this. It's funny. It tells you exactly what it contains. And it tells you about how the mod came to be, which is a window into the modder's life we rarely get. "I had a bit of rum and this is the result," writes winedave. I think we can all tell that Dave had a pretty good time making this mod.

Also: The mod looks really nice! Take a look at that texture work, which is at 8K resolution. Those are some quality rocks. They're so detailed, you're definitely going to need a Skyrim install modified with some other realism mods to make sure they fit in. If you're the kind of Skyrim player who often walks awkwardly up the side of a mountain, determined to go over instead of around, you might as well do it on these very pretty rocks instead of some lower resolution ones.

If you're as into the creative process as I am, you may be interested to know that winedave elaborated on his choice of rums in the discussion thread for Rum Induced Mountains. "Oh some different ones," he wrote. "Cpt morgan black spiced, apleton estate 12 years aged and the one bottle I cant find."

So far this is the only winedave mod explicitly motivated by alcohol, but the rest of his collection of hi-res Skyrim textures look great nevertheless.


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