A House of Many Doors raises triple its Kickstarter goal

A House of Many Doors

This time last month, I was telling you about Failbetter's first incubee, Harry Tuffs, and his dream to make a 2D exploration RPG that lets you travel through a parasitic dimension in a many-legged steam engine.

Now, I'm here to tell you that his Kickstarter campaign has just closed with three times as much money as he was hoping to raise. He only wanted £4,000 to pay his artist and add some music, and now he's got £12,866 to play with. He didn't create stretch goals, but he does say in an update that much of the money will probably go on making the game prettier.

Also in that update are some examples of the procedurally generated poetry that piqued my interest, like this one entitled Essays on the Vomiting of the Cats:

A House of Many Doors proc gen poetry

Tuffs says he's going to take a day to celebrate, but then he'll get right back to development. Hopefully under the watchful eye of Failbetter he'll be able to stay on course and finish the game in time for release next year.