Destiny 2: Where to find all the Week 3 Atlas Skews

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Tracing the Stars: Week 3 is now live in Destiny 2 and there's a bunch of new Atlas Skews to find. As always, head to the H.E.L.M. and speak with Mara Sov to get started. This week's Atlas Skews can be found in Rheasilvia and the Harbinger areas of the Dreaming City, so land at the Divalian Mists and make your way over.

Tracing the Stars: Part 3—Where to find the Atlas Skews

There are five Atlas Skews to find this week, with the first three being reasonably close together. To find the first one, head towards the tunnel that leads to Rheasilvia as normal. When you reach the bridge, jump down to the right. A waypoint will appear just under the cliff edge that leads to the first Atlas Skew.

The next Atlas Skew is at the Rheasilvia Temple Overlook. Make your way towards the big white temple, then, before you cross the bridge, climb up the rocks in front of it to the right. The location of the temple is above the first A in Rheasilvia on the map. From there, it's off to find the Secluded Statue, so head towards the temple entrance then climb the rocks to the right of the doorway. You'll need to hug the wall to the left then start jumping over to the rock formations across the way to reach this one. It's all the way over to the right of the area and can be tricky to reach.

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Head back to the temple and go inside to reach Harbinger's Seclude. Inside, you'll be able to find the Sidehall Statue, which is in a room to the right of the main chamber before the exit. Leave this room then go straight across the walkway and under the geode arch. Head to the cliff edge and jump down to the platform below to enter the cave that leads to the Ahamkara Skulls to find the final Atlas Skew.

After that, head back to deposit your Atlas Skews and listen to more lore about Rega and Ager from Uldren and Mara. Finally, visit the Wayfinder's Compass and get your reward.

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