A heroic artist has immortalised the Choco Taco as a 3D asset

Choco Taco
(Image credit: Klondike)

The United States has been in national mourning since Klondike announced the discontinuation of the Choco Taco—basically a taco-shaped ice cream sandwich—this week, but one VFX artist has taken bold action. Using only their iPhone, 'Cinnamontographer' converted one of America's last remaining Choco Tacos into a 3D asset, rotating eternally in immortality.

Cinnamontographer plans to do a bit more clean-up on their magnum opus before releasing it to the public for use in games like Garry's Mod and VRChat. They've also suggested that other versions (cross sections, tacos with a bite missing, and so on) of the asset might be forthcoming. People seem pretty excited about those possibilities; his work has tens of thousands of retweets and hundreds of thousands of likes at time of writing. 

Joking aside, it's actually a very impressive showcase of both the artist's VFX talents and modern tech's ability to convert real world objects into attractive and usable assets. Cinnamontographer's forever-spinning taco looks amazing (and delicious), and they only needed a phone and a Choco Taco they got from a liquor store in order to create it. Even though the discontinuation was only announced a few days ago, a platonic Choco Taco has already been preserved in amber by the internet. It's both impressive and slightly terrifying.

I'd bet money that it's not long before eye-poppingly high-res Choco Tacos start making their way into Skyrim, Fallout, and any other game that's even remotely moddable. Personally, I'm excited for the inevitable mod that lets me play as an ambulant and curious chocolate snack in Stray, but I'm sure you'll soon be able to just, like, eat one too. If that's your thing.

Joshua Wolens
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