Omerta: City of Gangsters getting a free update today

The number of much-needed soup kitchens and speakeasies has plummeted, and now the City of Gangsters wants you back to do your thing in this bad town. A free update's making its way to the game today, fleshing out both the tactical and tycoon aspects. Check out this trailer for some gameplay from the updated version, or to get your foot tappin' to some ragtime—whichever grabs your fancy.

Starting today, launching Omerta: City of Gangsters will trigger an automatic download of the new update, which aims to overhaul the interface and cover mechanics. Additionally, there are new sandbox game modes, new gangs to swindle in the single-player campaign, new multiplayer maps, and not-so-new-but-newly-updated multiplayer modes. Rival gangs will now be a little less passive, making more of an effort to defend their distilleries and laundrettes—while muscling in on yours.

In our review , we found Haemimont's stab at organized crime well-conceptualized but simplistically executed. Hopefully this update means no more being headshotted by an infuriatingly colorfully-dressed man through thick cement pillars, letting us rob our damn banks without distraction.