Oculus is doubling the Quest 2's storage on new base models for free

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Facebook has just announced that it is updating the base model of the Oculus Quest 2. The new model will come with more storage, 128GB, yet will retain the same $299 (£299) price tag as the previous base model with 64GB.

The Oculus Quest 2 already offers a relatively cheap way into VR at its original $299 price tag for the 64GB model, especially next to the premium Valve Index at $999. The new device appears to just make that an altogether better deal.

Not that I was particularly pining for more storage. I found the 64GB was plenty for my needs in my Oculus Quest 2 review, but I'm also not much of a VR game hog. I'm also not going to turn my nose up at double the storage for 'free.'

Oculus also offers a 256GB model for $399, which will remain at that same price for the foreseeable. As for leftover 64GB stock, you might find some of that goes on offer but, seeing the high demand for VR headsets, perhaps not.

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Oculus has also confirmed to me that the new silicone face cover will come included as standard in the box with the new 128GB model. This cover is a freebie if you need it anyways, so not a huge issue if you're left without on an older 64GB or 256GB model, but you should be safe to assume you're sorted with the 128GB kit.

In closely related news, Oculus also recently outlined the v32 software update, which begins rolling out today and will offer improvements to Oculus Move, the company's VR fitness tracker, app gifting, friends integration, and a new VR media sync.

That last bit is probably the most notable of the lot. Previously, the Oculus Quest would only allow you to upload your in-VR photos and videos to your Facebook profile. Not so great if you're not much of a Facebook user. The latest update, though, will allow you to automatically sync your images and videos to the Oculus mobile app.

There's still the requirement to use your Facebook login to get hold of your VR snaps, but then again you'll need one of those to access the Oculus Quest 2 altogether, which is perhaps the most divisive update the company has made to its VR offerings.

Still, if you were already on the lookout for an Oculus Quest 2, the new 128GB model should most certainly now be your goal.

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