81-year-old writes short story about his Destiny 2 LFG team after his first raid clear

Update: With the help of PXG_S3 and his team, Kinney has now completed all the raids Destiny 2 has to offer: the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars fell before him. Naturally, after clearing the raid lairs, he wrote another short story about his adventures. Once again, you can find the full story on PXG_S3's Reddit post. Here's an excerpt: 

Now, here is where all the problems started. The team knew I was old but not “81” years old! They had been in battle before with older guardians...but never with grandpa guardian. I was the ancient warrior who had seen battle before their fathers were born. With that said, I did have special needs that other guardians didn’t have to worry about in the heat of battle. Like, having to climb stairs with my gun in one hand and a cane in the other. 

Original story: 

Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion will kick off the game's second year in less than a month, so Fibby "FIBBOB" Kinney, a retired 81-year-old writer and devout Destiny fan, was looking to finish the original Leviathan raid before the first year came to a close. Kinney posted about the raid in a Destiny 2 Facebook group, prompting fellow guardian PXG_S3 to put together a group to help him through the Leviathan. 

"I don't ever do sherpa raids in D2, but I just had to for this fellow," PXG_S3 said on Reddit. "It was an absolute delight helping him. We later did Eater of Worlds and helped Fib get his Legend of Acrius as well. We also plan on doing Spire of Stars very soon." 

A look at FIBBOB's Destiny 2 profile confirms he fought in the Leviathan and Eater of Worlds earlier this week, and Kinney's Facebook profile shows a long history with Destiny. Kinney's background also lines up with PXG_S3's description of him: he's a retired writer, poet and comedian who loves videogames. So, after finally clearing the Leviathan with the help of some chivalrous guardians, Kinney took up the pen once again and wrote a short story about the fight and his teammates. You can read the full story in PXG_S3's Reddit post. Here's an excerpt: 

We landed on Lavithan [sic] and all hell broke loose. The team mowed down the cabal soldiers and all the enemies who fiercely attacked us. My Vigilance pulse rifle was on full blast. The beasts of Calus army fell like wheat in a field. My “wing’” was the mower that cut them down. All the others from “G team” were magnificent. I have never seen guardians work so well together. 

"Fib is a wonderful and extremely polite individual," PXG_S3 said. "Truly young at heart and inspiring. If anything, I want his story to serve as proof that anyone can do a raid. But more importantly, his experience is just one of many examples of just how powerful and evocative our hobby and this medium is." 

PXG_S3 also posted some images Kinney took during his Leviathan attempt. Here's the group's moment of triumph:

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