40K game Inquisitor—Martyr is adding endgame progression and Dark Eldar

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor—Martyr, a new action RPG from the creators of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, came out of Early Access on June 6. Tom thought it needed to "polish up its best ideas" and NeocoreGames certainly seem like they're trying, with a couple of patches since launch and now an announcement explaining their plans for its endgame.

You can read the whole overview here, and there's a lot to it. It begins with an event over the weekend of June 15-17 with leaderboards and "community-wide goals", followed by a bigger week-long event after that. The end result of these events is the addition of "Warzone", a mode that generates endless missions for endgame leveling and loot. "Within the Warzone, players will be able to search for keys that can be used for spawning a special Boss, a Nemesys, that will drop better quality, rarer items for those who are worthy enough to face them."

So far, so games-as-a-service. After these additions comes a Season update, adding a whole new subsector to travel around in: "This Season will introduce the Dark Eldar faction along with an increased level cap, new items, perks, enchants, and new missions." A new faction would be nice, as anyone who makes it to the level cap will be pretty sick of fighting Chaos and rebel Imperial Guards. The Dark Eldar are 40K's evil leather-fetishist pirate space elves, and haven't shown up much in the videogames barring Dawn of War's Soulstorm expansion.

Neocore noted all these updates will be free, and provided this summary.

  • A series of Global Events will introduce the Warzone within ~1 month 
  • Within the Warzone, players will be able to unlock active and passive skills via Endless leveling 
  • These events will have a global community goal and a permanent effect on the game world
  • The Warzone also allows players to farm keys used for fighting a Nemesys boss 
  • After the Warzone, the second Subsector will be unlocked through an event 
  • This will increase maximum level cap, introduce a new faction, new items, perks, enchants, quests, and more. 
  • More and more Season updates will come as the game progresses along, providing free content throughout the lifespan of the game. 
Jody Macgregor
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