Someone built a PC gaming handheld with a 3D printer, Raspberry Pi Zero, and some old controllers

The Lemonlight 2
(Image credit: Tombston)

Moving about while playing your favourite PC games is a bit of a novelty. Now, there are some who opt for a pre-built, handheld machine to emulate games on the go, the Linx Vision 8 and the GDP Win being some of the most recommended options. But we’ve found a project that takes this novelty a step further (via Tom's Hardware).

Cut the cord...

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Behold the Lemonlight v2, the second iteration of a brilliant 3D printed, handheld device for streaming PC games. The whole project and spec has been outlined in Tombston’s Reddit post, if you want to take a look at the final machine yourself. Rather than emulating games, the Lemonlight streams them directly from your PC, lightening the powerload on your gadget. 

Powered by Moonlight (the streaming platform, not literal moonlight), this gaudy little gadget is built around a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and uses a 1080p AMOLED 5.5" Waveshare panel, accompanied by a tinkerBOY 4-Port USB Hub Breakout Board, wifi dongle, and buttons lifted from a slew of old controllers. It’s had a few upgrades since its previous, nameless version, including better ergonomics, larger battery, and support for bluetooth headphones, which is pretty nifty.

The chassis, bumpers and triggers were custom designed, and are highly reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch design with its rounded edges and button placement. I’m personally not keen on the analogue stick alignment, but to each their own.

If you're looking to take on a similar project, here are some alternative streaming platform options to get you started on some research: Splashtop, Remotr, Nvidia Experience Streamer (the foundation for Moonlight), Parsec, etc. Unfortunately, Tombston won't be putting together a tutorial, but they have put up the SLTs and said they’re happy to answer any questions if needed.

I love projects like this, and am looking forward to whatever else Tombston will have to show us in future. As ever, keep designing, keep building. 

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