27 seconds of Elden Ring gameplay footage has leaked

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Update: In related news, we just got word that Elden Ring has been delayed from January to February (opens in new tab).

Original story: A now-defunct YouTube channel called Games Anime and More posted a 27-second clip of Elden Ring gameplay that made it around the internet before being taken down. (You can probably still find it on Twitter (opens in new tab) or the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab).) The footage doesn't show much, just an armored character on a cliffside looking at a glowing tree, jumping over some rocks, and scaring a couple of eagles. They leave feathers behind when they fly off, which is a nice detail.

The most notable thing about what's shown is that the player-character can pull off a standing jump, rather than needing to do a run-up as in the Dark Souls games. While it doesn't suggest full-on Sekiro wallhopping agility, it's at least something different. 

Of course, the eagle-eyed (opens in new tab) already figured out this would be a thing from the trailer. Observant players have also figured out where the leaked footage takes place (opens in new tab); a small slice of the landscape shown in the official gameplay reveal.

The leaker anticipated complaints about the graphics (opens in new tab), explaining that "It's couple weeks old but it's from a Xbox One and not from a new Gen console. Also, the quality downgrades even more due to capturing it using external tools." That hasn't stopped some people from being cranky about how the grass doesn't measure up to their exacting standards for videogame foliage, obviously.

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