2017 in silly back page jokes

July 2017: Prey

Samuel: So much text. This is already a disaster. Looks nice, though. And is probably about as interesting to read as the memos in Prey. Basically, the writing here is a parody of needy HR departments, which I hoped would have broad appeal, but is actually boring as hell.

Phil: The subject lines down the side are the funniest bit, which is probably a lesson in All Over writing that we should have learned a long time ago. 

Samuel: Yes, 'recycled my dog' is very good. 

August 2017: Far Cry 5

Phil: Some more adequately amusing Ubisoft jokes. For reference, Samuel wrote the column on the left, and I wrote the one on the right. So, er, bad news if you think the left hand side is funnier, because Sam doesn't have to write All Overs any more.

Samuel: Phil's asked me to write some words about this one, and the truth is, I don't remember it at all, because I got violently ill around E3 time. A monkey riding a moose? Holy shit, those painkillers must have been laced with something. I apologise profusely. I must admit, though, I like the idea of a bear claiming expenses, so I suppose I stand by that bit.

September 2017: PC Gamer Top 100

Samuel: Ah, finally, a great one! We always thrive when it comes to the Top 100 gags, because we know the process so well and why it's inherently ridiculous/entertaining. 'Average flight sim you bought a HOTAS for' is one of mine, and I relay my only experience of playing Microsoft Flight Simulator here. Plus there's a Dragon Age II gag, which is always good. And for anyone who's too impatient to properly try a grand strategy game, this entry surely rings true. This was my last issue of PC Gamer as editor, and therefore the last joke I'm willing to take responsibility for.

Phil: The hardcore strategy one is pretty much just me putting myself on blast.

Andy: Well, this is clearly the best one. One, because it’s funny, and two, because it annoyed a few people. And anything that gets a (harmless) rise out of people is always good in my book. The idea of cutting them out and sticking them in the feature is nice too. I wonder if anyone actually did it. A joke you can only really make in a printed magazine.

Phil: I hope they didn't try it, because all of this are a different size to the main Top 100 entries. Doing it properly would have required more work, and 1) it was deadline, and 2) we were tired.

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