Nidhogg is finally getting released this year

Unless you have access to a Winnitron arcade machine, this citrus-colored swordfighter has remained hidden in the deepest murk of the indie scene, surfacing only at the occasional games conference to impress crowds with its swift, accessible multiplayer swordfighting. Finally, finally , after over three years, Nidhogg will be released.

According to , players at the EVO fighting games championship in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago were treated to a new build of Nidhogg, confirming that developer Mark Essen, aka Messhof , has not left would-be duellers by the wayside. He's planning to release it sometime "later this year," and hopefully on Steam.

And by the sounds of it, this recent build expands on the two-fencers-in-a-castle Nidhogg we've come to know. A bunch of new manoeuvres including ledge-grabbing, dive-kicking, and rolling beneath an enemy's legs give players more tools with which to outstab one another, though thankfully, the minimalist aesthetic remains intact (asides from the addition of a few more cobwebs). Rejoice! Those who have played the near-mythical indie game will no longer be able to claim to being one of the Chosen Few. We can all battle, as Graham and Tom did in the video below, for the right to be consumed by a giant pink worm.