2 million people have played Ori and the Will of the Wisps since March

all ori and the will of the wisps abilities
(Image credit: Moon Studios)

2 million people (and then some) have played Ori and the Will of the Wisps. That's a hugely impressive number, especially considering the beautiful and challenging platformer was only released in March of this year.

Of those 2 million players, 423,300 beat the game, which is nearly 25 percent. Nice! 45,000 players beat it on hard mode, and just over 7,000 beat it without ever dying. That's especially impressive: Ori ain't easy.

That news, and some other fun stats, emerged on Ori's official Twitter today:

(Image credit: Microsoft)

People are good at Ori, it turns out! 118,000 beat the Developer's Ghost in every single Spirit trial, which basically means they're better at Ori than the people who made it. 9,000 completed the game in under four hours. And 157,000 can consider themselves completionists because they found every single collectible.

All told, the 2 million people who have played Ori chalked up a combined 14.5 million hours and died a total of 240 million times. If you're not one of those players, you should be! It's a very good game. Just watch your step.

Christopher Livingston
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