1997's classic Shadow Warrior is now free on Steam

The latest free-to-play title to hit Steam's virtual shelves isn't a cutesy MMORPG with a cash shop full of glittery hats and staves, nor is it a brutal MOBA with an arsenal of buyable heroes. Nope—surprisingly, it's the late-90s classic Shadow Warrior ! And unless somebody's gone to the pains of tweaking some 16-year-old code, it's pretty much guaranteed this isn't a pay-to-win kind of deal.

Publisher Devolver Digital today ripped the price tag off Shadow Warrior entirely, in the lead-up to the recently revealed remake . Following a Facebook promo snafu in which some giveaway Steam keys were exploited, somebody in charge apparently just shrugged and said, "To hell with it. Shadow Warrior for everyone! "

Keep in mind that this whole "free" thing is applied to just the base game—if you've recently purchased Shadow Warrior via Good Old Games , don't feel ripped off, because you aren't. What you see on Steam is merely the base game, and those who pay $6 for Shadow Warrior's "complete version" on GOG will also receive the two expansion packs as well as additional content, adding to the terrible kung-fu fun.