Shadow Warrior teaser trailer announces the reboot that no one knew they wanted

Shadow Warrior is a bit of a blip in the history of PC gaming. The 1997 FPS from the creators of Duke Nukem 3D attempted to parody bad kung fu movies by pouring Eastern themes all over Duke Nukem 's technology. While Shadow Warrior was one of the first games to really put the Build engine through its paces, it never achieved the fame of Duke Nukem or Blood. To its credit, it wasn't horrible enough to enjoy the infamy of 1998's Extreme Paintbrawl , one of our lowest-rated games ever.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that Shadow Warrior is being rebooted by developers Flying Wild Hog , previously of the eye-catching but flawed sci-fi shooter Hard Reset . The new game will be a “bold re-imagining” of the late-'90s shooter. Not too bold, though. The faux-Chinese name of Lo Wang (get it?) remains applied to an ostensibly Japanese bodyguard. We'll see how the game shapes up as we get more details.

Shadow Warrior is scheduled for release this fall, hopefully with a tagline a little more subtle than “ Who wants some Wang ?”