The 100 Game Giveaway, Day 4 (US only)


It can't be stopped! The hits keep on coming with PC Gamer's epic 100 Game Giveaway! Today, we turn the giveaway ray on roleplaying games.

First up: you asked for it, and we're delivering The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings! It's not out yet, you say? Well, when it does come out on May 17, you can be among the first to play it if you're one of the 10 lucky winners to snag codes provided by our friends at . (And yes, that's the DRM-free version!) But that's not all! We're also offering up 10 copies of the excellent Two Worlds 2 from TopWare . Click Read More to find out how to enter in today's giveaway.

Entering to win is so easy, you're practically throwing games into the trash by not signing up! All you have to do is to simply “like” PC Gamer on our Facebook page (if you haven't already), then comment on this Facebook post , and you're automatically entered in our random drawing!

Remember, winners will have to accept a Facebook friend request from our prize delivery account to collect your goodies (you can safely de-friend it afterward). The Witcher 2 winners will be notified tomorrow, but will receive codes closer to launch. Also, you may only enter once per day, but feel free to come back tomorrow, because we'll be handing out another 20 freebies. And tell your friends!

Yesterday's winners:

Paul Gallery

Mark Zimmer

David Matos Jr

Julie Fraulin

Kevin Miller

Cody Bonham

Vlad Voziyanov

Matt Kiefer

Robert Rathburn

Michael Graden

Deston Grubbs

Benjamin Morris

Matthew Nelson

William Bly

Kelly Brennan

Derek Mergener

Alex Dudal

Charles Stewardson

Eric Lauritsen

Aaron Strong


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