10 essential Counter Strike: Source maps


A lot of Counter Strike: Source games take place every day. In fact, it's still the second most popular title on Steam (coming in just after the original Counterstrike). You can understand why some players might be hungry for a little variety. We've compiled a list of some of the most inventive and fun user-made maps around.

From short range gunfights to spectacular physics engine acrobatics we've got them all, and if new maps don't do it for you, why not check out our top weapon mod list instead?

1. aim_ag_texture2

It might look unconventional, but this textureless mod's excellent design has lead to it becoming one of the most popular mod maps around. Some players find the striking aesthetic alarming, others like it, what do you think readers?

2. aim_extreme

Extreme deliberately pushes the capabilities of CS: Source, the map is still fun to play, but the real draw is visuals a huge step above most other CS maps. While this is obviously not recommended for those on low end systems, the snazzy water and weather effects add an extra layer of sheen.

3. aim_deagle7k

There's something pure about single weapon maps, and desert eagle only ones really reward fast, skillful aiming. This warehouse map is very tight and claustrophobic, leading to some incredibly frantic and desperate pistol gunfights.

4. fy_twotowers

Another CS 1.6 remake TwoTowers pits two teams in face to face forts, including the titular sniping towers across narrow courtyard, causing some intense firefights focused in a small space. It also comes in a dust-flavoured version , but the original is more widely played.

5. fy_iceworld

Iceworld was originally an original Counter Strike map that was so popular it's made it to Source and Team Fortress 2. This small arctic map leads to frenetic close quarters combat. There are an absolute ton of Iceworld based maps out there, so if this one doesn't take your fancy then one of these should.

6. scoutzknivez

What happens when all players spawn with only a scout rifle and a knife in a low gravity world? Scoutzknivez happens! The mobility of this map makes for some of the fastest and most brutal sniper gameplay around. The popularity of this concept has spawned hordes of imitators but all have one thing in common, a very vertical design philosophy that makes the most of the players' spectacular jumping abilities.

7. surf_ski_2

Surfing exploits the quirks of the Source Engine to glide effortlessly along in defiance of physics. surf_ski_2 is an good map for beginners to put get the hang of this exotic skill. Play it by yourself for a little while to get the hang of things before trying it out online.

8. surf_10x_final

Now that you've gotten the hang of surfing you're ready to join the rest of the CS surfing community. surf_10x_final is one of the most widely played surf maps around. Notice how different weapons are placed around the course, the better you are at surfing the better equipped you'll be.

9. surf_greatriver_xdre4m

Another massively popular surf map, there are a lot of versions of surf_greatriver out there, but xdre4m is one of the most widely played. If you don't care for it you can find the other versions, and some that were inspired by them, here .

10. Kreedz Climbing

Technically a mod that works with any Source game, Kreedz Climbing began as a CS map, hence it's inclusion here. It takes the surfing concept and adds rope swinging and complex jumps to turn the game into a fiendish puzzle platformer. Comes with a whole selection of maps for the avid climber.

Which maps have we missed? post your favourites in the comments.