Wizard 101 opening new world: Zafaria

Rob Zacny

Wizard101 players will soon be able to explore the Spiral's ninth and newest world, Zafaria, a savannah and jungle-themed place that takes its inspiration from Africa. It also plays a major role in Wizard101's ongoing storyline, forming the "second act" as Morganthe, the Umbra Queen, makes her return.

Zafaria raises the level cap from 60 to 70, introduces high-level Rank 9 spells, and adds a number of items, pets, and mounts.

In addition to Zafaria, November will also see KingsIsle Entertainment's release of Grub Guardian, a browser- and mobile-based tower defense game that ties into Wizard101 and lets players use (and level up) their in-game pets on pretty much any platform. Players' pets will gain experience in the core Wizard101 game as you use them in Grub Guardian.

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