What do you think of the Steam mobile app?

Tom Senior


Steam mobile app

Just last night, a friend of mine was regaling me with tales of his latest exploits in Skyrim on Steam. Suddenly, the clock struck 9 and I was forced to cut short our conversation because Masterchef was on. That meant a trip to the front room, a BARREN WASTELAND devoid of web connectivity.

Then I remembered. The Steam app! I whipped out my phone and unlocked it with a quick thumb-flick. "Hey!" I said to my friend "STEAM APP! You can finish your story!" I waited a moment, and the reply came. "And then I threw the bear off the cliff!" he said. "lol" I said. We haven't spoken since.

Still, the main thing is that the app worked beautifully. It's free now on the App Store and the Android Marketplace . I haven't bought any games on it mind, and I'm sure it could benefit from a few extra features, but what do you think? Have you been using it? What would you like to see Valve add in the future?

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