United Front Games reportedly closed, Smash+Grab no longer available

Sleeping Dogs studio may have closed.

Update: A producer at United Front Games has seemingly confirmed on Twitter that the studio is closing.

Original story:

United Front Games, the Canadian studio responsible for Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars and the recent Smash+Grab, has reportedly closed. The rumour's origin is NeoGAF, where a moderator of the forum broke the news. While no official announcement has been made by the studio, its latest game Smash+Grab is no longer purchasable on Steam, though the page is still there.

That last point is telling: since Smash+Grab is an Early Access title, it makes sense for a newly shuttered studio to no longer want to sell it. It also points to a rather unexpected closure, because the game only hit Steam this month, and was available for free last weekend. We wrote earlier this month that Smash+Grab "has a whole lot of potential crammed into its loot bag".

In any case, it's still a rumour: I'll keep this page updated as I learn more.


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