We're giving away thousands of Wildstar free trial keys on Monday

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We found a lot to love in Carbine's bright, characterful MMO, Wildstar, when we reviewed it a short while ago, and there's a chance you might too if you take part in our upcoming key giveaway, which will go live on Monday July 28.

Wildstar's Strain Ultradrop update will add more zones and monsters this month

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If I'd just released an MMO I think I'd dissolve into a pool of exhausted mansludge and refuse to do any work for a month. Not so for the Carbine team, who are already teasing their first major update to Wildstar. The incoming Strain Ultradrop will add new zones, enemies, bosses, gear and emotes later this month.

Wildstar review in progress part two: Shiphand missions, housing and battlegrounds

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In part one of our Wildstar review in progress, Phil examined character creation and explored the starting areas of Destiny, Levian Bay and Ellevar. Now he breaks out of levelling a bit to explore Shiphand missions, build a house, and take on other players in Wildstar's Battlegrounds.

Wildstar developer says it wants to do WoW right this time

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Wildstar developer Carbine Studios thinks it can do better than World of Warcraft. The team aims to reinvent many of the genre's tried-and-true (and pretty tired) systems, includes plenty of content for solo players, and brings back massive scale battles in 40-man raids and 40 vs 40 PvP combat. A new interview with executive producer Jeremy Gaffney reveals that the team was torn on the best way to out-WoW WoW.

European giveaway: win access to this weekend's Wildstar beta test

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Carbine are letting Wildstar out for a run this weekend, and they'd like you to come and join the frolicking, questing and carefully co-ordinated /dance mob revelry. We've got 5000 keys that'll get you right in, and you can claim one for yourself using the magic box below.

How WildStar will motivate you to play with your guild

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WildStar, the upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing game from Carbine and NCSoft, is trying to reawaken your love for the MMO genre by mixing what you know with some much needed innovation. It’s still an RPG, but movement and aiming will matter more. It will have 40-player dungeons, but also player housing and town building features. Kept a secret until now, its take on in-game guilds seems to adhere to the same philosophy: familiar, but with a few noteworthy twists.

Carbine's new MMO set in a "future fantasy" world

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Carbine have been teasing their upcoming MMO reveal at Gamescom with a new blog post from art director, Matt Mocarski. He reveals the MMO will have an "illustrated look" inspired by Japanese animated films like Princess Mononoke, and will be set in a "future fantasy" world with magical and technological elements. Carbine have also thrown up a still from the upcoming Gamescom reveal trailer.