European giveaway: win access to this weekend's Wildstar beta test

Carbine are letting Wildstar out for a run this weekend, and they'd like you to come and join the frolicking, questing and carefully co-ordinated /dance mob revelry. We've got 5000 keys that'll get you right in, and you can claim one for yourself using the magic box below.

Before entering, please note that keys from this site require a European NC Account. The beta weekend will run from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th with a level cap of 20

NCSoft have sent over the following instructions for redeeming the keys.

Creating a NCSOFT Account

If you already have an existing NC Account, you can safely skip these first two steps.

1. Visit the NCSOFT account creation website and click the “Create NC Account” button.

2. Follow the link in the email you receive to verify your email address successfully.

Redeeming your personal Beta Key

1. Log into your account using the NCSOFT account website.

2. Click "APPLY A CODE" on the red banner near the top of the page.

3. Paste in your personal serial key from our email and click Apply.

4. If you receive a success message, you're good to go! If not double-check the serial key s correctly entered.

5. Download the client by clicking “Manage” link under WildStar Beta in your “My Games” list

NCSoft and not Future Publishing Limited or Future US, Inc are responsible for the beta code and unique access keys relating to Wildstar. Contact Wildstar support directly through Elder Scrolls beta support with any questions or concerns about registering your beta account or downloading, accessing or using the game client.


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