Wildstar launches the Protogames Initiative update


Wildstar's new update has just launched, and brings with it content for all. Imagine the last three words of that sentence are like the Oprah Winfrey bees gif, only instead of bees, it's content.

What's that new content made of? It's a mixture of high and low level activities, ranging from dungeons to Shiphand missions. Here's a trailer.

HIghlights include the Protogames Academy, a level 10 dungeon designed to teach new players the basics of group content; the Ultimate Protogames, a new level 50 dungeon; They Came From Fragment Zero, a new low-level Shiphand mission; and veteran Shiphand dailies for max-level players.

More? Yes, lots, including new customisation items, housing bits and loot systems. You can see a feature run down over at the Wildstar blog, and the exhaustive patchlist on the Wildstar forum. Content!

Phil Savage

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