GTA 5 trailer shows off its "sprawling satirical re-imagining" of Southern California

Phil Savage at

Rockstar have released the very first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V as she is played. While previousin-enginetrailers have introduced us to the game's trio of characters, this time we're getting our first taste of the game in action. But what action will it be? An out-of-control driver bouncing between pedestrians before clipping a curb and triggering a physics tornado? Someone meticulously hunting eerily glowing pigeons, only for them to explode in a shower of guts and feathers? Another goddamn bowling minigame? See below to find out.

Maybe not: instead, we get a sprawling satirical re-imagining of Southern California. How fancy.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is due for console release on September 17th. There's been no PC announcement - as is Rockstar's oft-frustrating style - but a recent job listing suggests they're looking to bring their "latest titles" to PC. Given the series' PC history, that'll almost certainly means we'll see the game some three-to-six months after release.