The Witcher 3 footage shows the search for the ashen-haired woman

CD Projekt's on-stage The Witcher 3 demo took us on a short griffon hunt. What you've probably already guessed is that there other parts of the game, too. Members of the development team have been running around the E3 show floor, playing some of these other bits at anyone they run into. Two such bits of footage have emerged that, when played back-to-back, show a partial segment of one of the game's quests.

The first segment, courtesy of IGN , shows exactly why Geralt was chasing his griffon—to ply information out of a troll faced barfly.

That's followed up by Gamespot's footage of Geralt's search for Johnny, who, because this is an RPG, has a request of his own.

Check back later for Wes's own report, based off a 45-minute slice of the game.

The Witcher 3 is due out February 24, 2015. Roll on next year.


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