The 50 best free PC games

39. One Chance

Few games are as aptly named as this one, which gives you one opportunity to save the world. When you’ve reached an ending, you supposedly won’t be able to ever play it again, at least on the same computer.

Play it: One Chance

38. Toribash

Toribash A turn-based fighting game where you make your own moves, by extending, shrinking, or otherwise manipulating your bobbly character’s joints. Ragdoll physics makes the results crazy and addictive.

Download it: Toribash

37. No-one Has To Die

Spoiler: rather a lot of people die, in this turn-based puzzler/visual novel. You have to order people to safety while fire quickly spreads through a building. You can’t save everyone, so who do you sacrifice?

Play it: No-one Has To Die

36. Coloratura

A text adventure that explores territory only text adventures can. As a telepathic and deeply alien lifeform trying to return to its own world, you must find a way to communicate with the clueless ‘Blind Ones’—human beings.

Play it: Coloratura

35. QWOP

Infuriatingly, different keys have been assigned to an Olympic runner’s calves and thighs on each leg. To propel this ragdoll puppet forwards, you have to delicately yet frantically hammer them. Hilarity ensues.

Play it: QWOP

34. Digital: A Love Story

With its interface styled like the Amiga’s Workbench OS, you might not realise Christine Love’s landmark visual novel is a visual novel at all. Its engaging story unfolds via email and BBS message boards.

Download it: Digital: A Love Story

33. Westerado

It’s recently been embiggened and given a pricetag, but you can still play the free version of this open-ended cowboy adventure, and you should. In time-honoured Western fashion, your family has been murdered and you’ve picked up your gun and gone in search of answers. You can shoot any character, at any time, cutting dialogue short with a bullet if you get bored.

Play it: Westerado

32. Nitronic Rush

Thank the Digipen Institute of Technology for this neon-infused survival racing game. You’re racing solely against the clock, and whatever obstacles the developers care to throw at you. So it’s an endless runner, as much as anything. However it’s an endless runner with tricks, points, and banging dance music, and now boasts an expanded sequel, Distance.

Download it: Nitronic Rush

31. Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly

This is an episodic whodunnit masquerading as a Mavis Beacon typing game. Ostensibly an educational title, and quite a good one at that, it’s really a bonkers murder mystery that spirals into weird and hilarious territory over five episodes. The original game, Teaches Typing, is worth playing too.

Play it: IPWoTW

30. Data Jack

A game about sneaking into facilities and hacking/stealing/ assassinating anyone that gets in your way. The Crosslink-style visual hacking system recalls Gunpoint, while the involved stealth and bountiful options at your disposal make this feel like an isometric Deus Ex. You can enhance your body with technology, and you probably should.

Download it: Data Jack