The 5 best Terraria mods

Tom Hatfield


Terraria hasn't been out long, but if our servers are any indication it's incredibly popular. We've rounded up the best early mods for the builder/explorer/platformer sandbox. You'll almost definitely want to check out some of these.

All these Terraria mods are easy to install. Just drop them in your Terraria folder and launch the .exe files. External utilities like TerraFirma and TerrariViewer don't even to be in a specific folder. Just launch and go.

1. Romsteady's Terraria Launcher

Romsteady's Terraria Launcher is an a brilliant little utility that enables you to run Terraria through it with a whole host of tweaks and extra features. Firstly it lets you run the game at any resolution, unlike the default player, and improves the UI. It also lets you manually activate some of Terrarias random events, such as Goblin Invasions. The latest version even adds the beginnings of a weather system!

2. TerraFirma

There's a lot of mapping tools for Terraria already, but Terrafirma is the best, and the best named. Terrafirma extracts your world map, letting you view the whole thing in it's own window. You can zoom fully in and out and look up information, such as the contents of chests. It really lets you see the big picture of your Terraria world.

3. TNT Cannon

For when you absolutely, positively have to blow up half the map, there's the TNT cannon mod , giving you a rapid fire cannon of explosive death perfectly capable of levelling the whole map. It's for mining, obviously. No-one would ever use such a thing as a weapon. Right?

4. TerrariViewer

TerrariViewer acts as a character editor, letting you increase you max HP and Mana and edit your inventory, for if you just want to build things rather than scrambling for resources. Those who still want a challenge can still find uses for it, however, as it lets you edit your character's colours and name at any time, rather than just at character creation.

5. Mob Spawner

The Mob Spawner mod does exactly what it says on the tin, it lets you spawn mobs. Specifically it launches a version of the Terraria client that lets you spawn a pre-set mob at the touch of a button. Sadly there's no way to change which mob you spawn without quitting and restarting, but the ability to sic infinite devourers of worlds on the guide more than make up for it.

Know of any more? Let us know in the comments. Haven't played Terraria? Check out our review here . Already bought it? Get on the PCG server here .

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