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Minimum rescued from limbo by Atari and Human Head, heading for Steam Early Access soon

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Blocky multiplayer shooter Minimum was announced this time last year, and now it's been re-announced under new development and publishing teams. The reason for this is that original developers TimeGate (infamous for co-developing the execrable Aliens: Colonial Marines) filed for bankruptcy shortly after the game's announcement, leaving it stranded in a sort of cubey limbo. Now it's back, and it's heading for Steam Early Access, under former Prey 2 developers Human Head.

Colonial Marines devs TimeGate Studios reportedly laying off all staff

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Last week, we heard that Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developers TimeGate had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following poor reception of the game and a false advertising lawsuit. As of today, Kotaku reports that its sources are saying the studio's staff has been laid off.

TimeGate Studios announces Minimum, creates unholy union between Minecraft, Quake and Halo

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Timegate Studios revealed its upcoming third-person shooter, Minimum, which can only be described as a combination of Halo's guns, Minecraft's look and Quake's frantic multiplayer pacing. The company announced that Minimum will be entering a closed alpha launch via Steam's Early Access channel on April 16 and invited players to poke around on the web site, see what's available and begin participating in the forums.

Section 8: Prejudice arriving in May

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TimeGate have tweeted to confirm that their jetpack powered multiplayer shooter, Section 8: Prejudice, will be coming out on PC on May 4. The game will only be released digitally, and will be sold through Games for Windows Marketplace for $14.99.

Section 8 is best known for its spawning system that drops you onto the battlefield from orbit, but the are a few other reasons to be interested in the sequel. Randomly generated missions add changing optional objectives to each fight, and every player is a mech suited super soldier with the ability to dash at super speed, and leap across the battlefield with jetpacks. For more information, here's out Section 8: Prejudice preview.

Section 8: Prejudice coming early 2011 at budget price

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Section 8: Prejudice will be released early next year as a digital download, and will be priced at just $14.99. It's the sequel to the overlooked multiplayer shooter, Section 8, and will come with the original's trademark ability to crash into the battlefield from a dropship every time you respawn.

Section 8: Prejudice announces multiplayer beta

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It seems like only yesterday (it was yesterday) that Tom F was lamenting that more people didn't play Section 8. Released late last year, it was a multiplayer shooter where death didn't mean death. It meant another chance to freefall into combat from a hovering dropship.

Hopefully Section 8: Prejudice, the sequel, will scratch the same itch but find a larger audience. There's a video of the robo-suited shooter in action below, along with details on how to apply to the rapidly approaching multiplayer beta.

Stab aliens in Section 8: Prejudice

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If you missed Section 8 last year, it was one of the more satisfying team-based shooters around. You dropped in from orbit, choosing your spawn location by steering yourself away from anti-air guns, then jetpacked around the battlefield completing dynamic objectives that cropped up. Now it's getting a sequel, with aliens, and Prejudice. They're focusing more on the story campaign, and on very transparently mocking Halo in their trailer. See for yourself.