Section 8: Prejudice coming early 2011 at budget price

Section 8 Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice will be released early next year as a digital download, and will be priced at just $14.99. It's the sequel to the overlooked multiplayer shooter, Section 8, and will come with the original's trademark ability to crash into the battlefield from a dropship every time you respawn.

The bulk of the sequel will centre around the class based, 32 player, jetpack powered multiplayer combat, but there's also a five hour, story based single player campaign and a co-op mode called the Swarm in which you and a team of friends must hold a base against waves of enemies, buying turrets and vehicles with money earned through kills.

The game is set for release in early 2011, and will be available as a digital download through Steam and Games for Windows Marketplace for $14.99. Check out the first trailer and screens for a look at how the game will play. For more information head over to the Section 8: Prejudice site.

Tom Senior

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