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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor system requirements are even higher than Watch Dogs'

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Do you remember Shadow of Mordor? You're forgiven if not, because, as generic fantasy names go, it's almost memorably unmemorable. If you need a refresher, the announcement trailer is an adequate primer for Warner Brothers' upcoming Assassin's Creed-meets-Lord of the Rings fantasy action-'em-up.

In preparation for its October release, a Steam listing has appeared. With it, are the game's PC system requirements. For those recently stung by Watch Dogs' high demands, these specifications may provide a familiar feeling of computational inadequacy.

Watch Dogs system requirements announced, specify 64-bit OS and minimum 6 GB of RAM

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If Watch Dogs is to be believed, you can hack almost any electronic device in a city using nothing but a smart phone. First, though, you'll need to run Watch Dogs, which is going to require something with significantly more power inside of it. Ubisoft have updated their digital store with the open world hacking game's system requirements, and there are some surprises to be found in its recommended list of components.

BioShock Infinite system requirements released, interview with Irrational about PC features

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Grab a tiny knife and carve off 20 GB for BioShock Infinite. Irrational Games has put forth a wish list of PC parts for its impending single-player shooter in required and recommended forms, as is the tradition (interestingly, the “Recommended” spec demands 30 GB of space).

Pop inside for the run-down, and for bonus details about BioShock Infinite’s benchmark tool courtesy of the game’s technical director.

Dishonored system requirements revealed: render murderous masquerades on 4GB RAM

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Dishonored is due to arrive on October 9 in the US, October 11 in Australia, and October 12 in Europe. That's when we'll get to jump into the town of Dunwall and begin an inventive murder spree in an an ominous old town designed by Half-Life 2 artist, Viktor Antonov. Years of pre-production research and design went into crafting that city, so it'd be nice to be able to see those dusty alleyways on maximum settings. Luckily, the Dishonored system requirements have been posted on the Dishonored Facebook page with a list of minimum and recommended specs. Here they are.

Dark Souls PC system requirements: render eternal damnation on 1GB RAM

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Namco Bandai spent E3 carefully managing expectations for the upcoming PC port of Dark Souls. They've said that From Software aren't doing much to optimise the game on PC, but hope that the addition of new areas and bosses will make up for those shortcomings. It'd be reasonable to worry that Dark Souls PC might come with the bloated hard disk and processor requirements common among clumsy ports, but according to the system requirements spotted on the updated Steam page by Eurogamer that's not the case. If you've got a dual-core CPU, Dark Souls will sit primly on 4GB of HDD.

More curiously, Dark Souls PC's multiplayer mode "requires" a microphone headset, which suggests vocal communication will be an integral part of the upgraded multiplayer features that From Software are adding to the Prepare to Die edition.

Update: The mention of a microphone requirement was an error, Namco Bandai inform EG that Dark Souls PC won't support in-game chat. Bum.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning system requirements released

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Kingdoms of Amalur will be out next month, hopefully bringing us another meaty RPG with some impactful combat. There's some interesting talent putting it together. Comic book artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlene is behind the game's art, Morrowind and Oblivion lead designer Ken Rolston is executive producer and fantasy novelist R. A. Salvator handles the story. From what we've seen of it so far, it looks like it'll be very bashy, with plenty of combat customisation and freakishly large hammers (the best kind).

If you're thinking about picking it up, developers 38 Studios have released Amalur's official system requirements on the Kingdoms of Amalur forums. If you've got a Core 2 duo processor and 10 GB of hard disk spare, you should be able to run it quite nicely. Check out the full list below.

Take cover! Beefy Battlefield 3 beta requirements posted

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Just when I thought my latest upgrade meant I was safe for another year, the Battlefield 3 beta requirements come along and disturb my bliss. I could run it on my Core 2 Duo, but somehow I suspect Battlefield 3 doesn't want me to. Call it a hunch, or call it the recommended system requirements that DICE posted online.

These are the beta requirements, but it seems like a safe bet that the final requirements won't depart too much from what DICE is saying right now. Hit the jump to see what you need, and what you really should have. Celebrate or weep appropriately.

Rage system requirements revealed

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Bethesda have sketched out the Rage system requirements on the Bethblog. How will your machine react to the powerful new id Tech 5 engine, with a sigh of relief, or tears of water-cooled sorrow? In fact, if your rig needs water cooling, it'll probably run Rage just fine. See the minimum and recommended requirements below.

Red Orchestra 2 system specs, box art released

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Like so many tinkering, well-armed elves in a war factory, Tripwire Interactive is putting the final touches on its 64-player, WWII multiplayer FPS, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Today, they've passed along the final system specs for the game, along with the retail box art.

Battlefield 3 system requirements revealed

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VG247 report that GameStop have listed system specifications for Battlefield 3. These aren't an official announcement from DICE so we can't confirm the required rig, yet, though we have contacted EA to verify the specs. Still worth a peek though eh?

Arma 3 system requirements revealed

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Arma 3 is coming! In between all ofthe new Arma 3 info and shiny, shiny screenshots, Bohemia also released the system requirements for the game. Be warned, they're pretty high. It looks like some of us are going to have to upgrade if we're going to run the military sim when it's released in summer 2012.