Steam Summer Sale

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 11

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Steam's sales traditionally end with the most popular offers from previous days being resurrected for a sort of victory lap, and this year is no different. They've put most of the daily deals on offer again, so if you missed out on Dragon Age or Skyrim or XCOM and you've been ruing your indecision ever since, now's your chance to make up for it. It's also your last chance to pick up any other games on offer in the sale, now that there's no chance of them being reduced further in a daily or flash sale.

Don’t forget to check out GOG’s summer deals, too, which coincidentally will be ending at around the same time. GOG have resurrected all of their previous daily deals, along with a ton of flash sales refreshing every couple of hours.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 10

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It's always a bit weird seeing how quickly game prices depreciate, particularly when a Steam sale is involved. The pick of today's deals - Wolfenstein: The New Order - is only a few weeks old, but it can now be had for a delicious 50% off. The question is, with only a few days left of the summer sale, what other surprises lie in store? The other question is: can your wallet take any more of this? If the answer is 'yes', join us after the break.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 8

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The Steam Summer Sale is always dangerous, threatening to take money from your wallet and hundreds of hour of your life away with tantalizing games. But today's best deals feel especially life-threatening, because there are some masterful strategy games on sale. Civilization 5, Rome 2: Total War, and Europa Universalis IV are all heavily discounted, and any one of these games could keep you occupied for months of economic planning, political trickery or open warfare. The deal of the day, though, is Dishonored, a top contender for 2012 game of the year.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 7

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We've now been living and breathing the Steam Summer Sale for a week, losing sleep for every flash sale, antsy with anticipation every time the new deals tick over. We're feverish from the savings, but it would be madness to stop saving now. Today's deals fuel our appetite for strategy, shooting, and launching valiant little green men into space on absurdly oversized rockets.

How the internet tried to rig the Steam Summer Adventure, and how Valve is trying to stop them

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A few days ago, members of the Steam community schemed to rig the Steam Summer Adventure competition, a metagame running in parallel with Valve’s 12-day Summer Sale. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a malicious plan, but a kind of alliance meant to bring equal victory to everyone on Steam. As intended, Team Pink won Sunday. Blue won Monday. Purple will win next, if things go smoothly. On Wednesday, a Red victory is scheduled, then Green.

Is a small collective actually having this big of an influence on a Steam-wide, public competition? Valve has already amended the contest to encourage more competition. I took a look at the evidence and spoke to a few of the people caught up in the dark business of virtual trading card market-manipulation.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 6

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It’s another good day to be a PC gamer (isn’t every day, though, really?) with a new set of Steam Summer Sale deals to pad your library for the long hot days of hiding inside ahead. If nothing has caught your eye yet, there’s still another weekend to go, but we’re pretty happy with today’s selection—they’re not all brand new, but between the heartfelt Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the vast wasteland of Fallout New Vegas, there's a few hundred hours of amazing and diverse gaming at a deep discount.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 5

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The Steam Summer Sale is off to a good start this week. After good deals on The Wolf Among Us, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim over the weekend, a few more of our favorite PC games go on sale today.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 4

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Just when you thought you were out of the Steam sale racket, they pull you back in - today's crop boasting some delectable bargains across a variety of genres, including the pork-bunniest game of recent years.

Reminder: if a game isn't a daily deal or a flash sale, it could pop up later in the sale for an even lower price. If you want to be safe, wait until June 30 to pick up a sale-long deal. Also, are having their own, equally terrific summer sale at the moment, so be sure to check that out too.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 3

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It's day 3 of the Steam Summer Sale, and though your wallet might be pleading with you to stop throwing money at your monitor, the bargains keep on coming - and some prime deals await you today. There's a couple of very good deals in the dailies right now, so if you've been waiting for a steep reduction on a certain dragony shouting game, this is your moment to swoop. In case you'd forgotten, is having its own sizzling summer sale as well, so be sure to check that out too.

Reminder: if a game isn't a daily deal or a flash sale, it could pop up later in the sale for an even lower price. If you want to be safe, wait until June 30 to pick up a sale-long deal.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 2

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After a good start yesterday, day two of Steam’s dozen-day Summer Sale isn’t necessarily obliterating our minds with savings, but there’s still some great values available today or through shorter-term flash sales. Within, find our picks for the best current deals on Steam. Don’t forget that GOG is having a summer sale of its own, too.

Dead Rising 3 release date has been quietly confirmed by Steam sale

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Usually publishers make a big song and dance about release date announcements, but here’s an exception: a September 5 release date has quietly been confirmed for Dead Rising 3. No billion dollar CGI trailer was involved, nor any designedly cryptic teaser websites. The news comes via the Steam Summer Sale, which lists the game’s release date as well as a 25 per cent discount on pre-orders. That means you can get it for US$37.49 instead of $49.99.

The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 1

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Some claim that summer doesn’t start until the 21st, but Valve says it’s time for the Steam Summer Sale and we haven’t heard anything from the solstice lobby—so, happy first day of summer! As always, it’s celebrated with a ridiculous store-wide Steam sale renowned for its low prices and intoxicating effect on the PC gaming community. Everything looks great when it’s 80% off, but before you start filling up your library, here are our favorite picks of day one.

Steam Summer Sale is go!

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It's Adventure Time! No, not that one. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and this year the theme is adventure! Pack you bags, feed your pets, strap on your best hiking boots and... sit in front of your computer, diligently refreshing the store page in order to keep up with the bundles, flash sales and daily deals that will haunt your every waking moment.


PC Gamer Podcast #357 - Sid Meier's Baconization

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This week we talk about the release of Dota 2 and Civilization V: Brave New World, Steam's Summer Sale, and Cory and Ben share their impressions on Infinite Crisis after just having spent time in the closed beta. We also examine this week's Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video.

Team Fortress 2 update released, bringing new maps, balance changes, and Summer keys

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Team Fortress 2 has been updated with the previouslyteased huge housekeeping patch. Along with the continued and unstoppable flood of new Workshop items, this update also tweaks and rebalances weapons, and brings a round of fixes to smooth over the glitches and exploits found in older maps. They've even made changes to Hydro - proving, perhaps, that the Territorial Control game mode is only partially beyond redemption.

Rumor: Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow

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Psssst. Hey. Hey buddy. I got a sweet tip for you. Were you followed? Are you sure? OK, good. Now listen: Steam Summer Sale.

OMG Space realises enormity of the solar system in your browser

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OMG Space compresses 10.1 billion kilometres into onto a 1:647 scale visual recreation of our solar system. Wired spotted the work, completed by graphic designer Margot Trudell. The aim is to give everyone a working impression of how stupidly enormous our solar system is. The distances between planets and the size of the planets themselves are to scale. When you eventually find Earth, it's a pinprick. I like to imagine launching a satellite from that blob to, say, Mercury, about five minutes of scrolling away, and getting close enough to get pictures. Then I realise humanity has already done that, and have a sudden urge to high-five science.

If only there were more games that let us play with space in a more interactive way, perhaps something that'd let us throw Jupiter at Saturn just to see what would happen. It turns out there is. It's called Universe Sandbox, and it's on sale on Steam now at 40% off. It lets you do stuff like this:

Weekend Game Deals - Summer Sale vol. 2

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The Steam Summer Sale ends this Sunday -- as of right now, how about Jamestown, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Red Orchestra 2 for under $5 each? Additionally, Amazon has several new sales, including The Walking Dead for $14.99. Much more inside...

Total War: Shogun 2 patch tackles multiplayer desync bugs, improves lighting

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For many, "Fixes to prevent desynchronisation (desync) in multiplayer campaign modes" will be the highlight of the latest round of updates to Total War: Shogun 2. Syncing up a multiplayer campaign requires the PCs running each instance of the campaign to high five every now and then to make sure everything is where it should be. Some people's games were, tragically, missing high fives and then failing to catch follow up hits up high, down low AND on the rebound.

This patch will hopefully help with all that, but also adds a few visual tweaks in the form of an updated shader to "improve lighting in battles throughout the game," horse animation transitions have been smoothed out, and the game is now more compatible than ever with Radeon HD7 cards. Here's the full update list from Steam.

Weekend Game Deals - Steam Summer Sale!

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It's here. The Steam Summer Sale eclipses all others this week, and every year we throw money at it so we can spend the winter hibernating in the warmth of our fattened libraries.

As the deals cycle daily, listing the games and bundles on sale wouldn't make much sense. At this very moment, Max Payne 3 is 50% off and Assassin's Creed: Revelations is 66% off. Indie games are going in fives for ten bucks. Terraria is $2.49! Portal 2 is $4.99! It doesn't stop until July 22.