Space Engineers

Mod of the Week: Star Wars Ships, for Space Engineers

Christopher Livingston at

While Evan continues to make a mockery of Star Wars canon, I thought I might try something different: sticking to the celebrated story that no one has a right to change (except George Lucas, who has the right to change it but really, really shouldn't). I noticed that Space Engineers, while still in early access, is a part of Steam Workshop, and that players have been busy constructing tons of Star Wars ships and bases. While I don't know if player creations are technically mods, it's player-made content, and I figure that's close enough for my purposes.

And so I present a completely accurate and above all respectful re-telling of the original Star Wars trilogy, in screenshots!

Space Engineers now available via Steam early access

Tom Senior at

I'm hoping that Space Engineers can overhaul the reputation of the humble space engineer from psychotic limb-chopper Isaac Clarke of Dead Space to something more placid and workmanlike. Space Engineers lets you drift around in a spacesuit, building scaffholding and welding plates together to build spaceships that you can crash into other space ships. Not that serene, then, but it's interesting enough to be one of the 14 space games we're excited about right now. That doesn't necessarily mean you should go out and pay £12 / $15 for the early build that's just arrived on Steam, of course, but if you're convinced you'll enjoy the ship-building, ship-crashing sim, then here it is.

Space Engineers trailer shows its destructive side, Steam Early Access launch date announced

Phil Savage at

The last alpha footage of Space Engineers focused on creation, and how the volumetric-based physics sandbox enabled construction, engineering and maintenance. Luckily, if sounds too much like work, there's going to be plenty of destruction as well. Here's the game's "crash test" trailer, showcasing what happens when you fling spaceships into asteroids, space stations and other, bigger spaceships. It comes ahead of a Steam Early Access release, due later this month.

Space Engineers is a physics sandbox about creation and destruction

Phil Savage at

It's as if game developers collectively decided that they were fed up of PC games not being about space. So now, a lot of PC games are about space. At least, the ones that aren't roguelikes are. Space Engineers, for example, which is a newly announced physics-based sandbox game about being an engineer. In space. You've probably worked out how they decided on that name.