Rockstar cites need for "extra polish" for Grand Theft Auto 5 PC delay

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While it's nice to have Grand Theft Auto 5 confirmed for PC, and nicer still to have a release date confirmed, it does kinda sting that PC owners will have to wait until January 27 to terrorise Los Santos. The game will arrive two months after it releases for PS4 and Xbox One, but now Rockstar has commented on the delay.

GTA 5 trailer shows the stranger side of Los Santos

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Today, Rockstar not only armed us with Grand Theft Auto V's PC release date, but also outlined the improvements that this new edition will bring. Now you can see those improvements in action, via a new trailer for the PC and current-gen console release of the game. It's a brief look at some of the weirder moments from the game's extensive campaign.

GTA 5 PC release date announced, new features revealed

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Back in June, Cory succinctly delivered the news that Grand Theft Auto V was coming to PC. I'm going to require a few more words, because, not only have Rockstar given us the game's PC release date, they've also revealed the new features and improvements we'll be getting over the existing PS3 and Xbox 360 edition.

GTA 4's #WatchDogsIV mod is absurd

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Chris Livingston has already extolled the virtues of Grand Theft Auto 4's amazing #WatchDogsIV mod. For the uninitiated, it brings Watch Dogs style environment hacking into GTA's Liberty City. For a full round-up of what it enables, head on over to Chris's Mod of the Week post. For a small look into the type of chaos it supports, head inside.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has not been canceled, Rockstar says

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You may have heard a rumor last week that Rockstar had decided to cancel the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The word came from a site called Fox Weekly, which quoted the chairman of the marketing firm Rantic as saying that Rockstar never wanted to make a PC version of the game in the first place, but was "forced to do it" because of public demand. The statement carried weight, so the story went, because Rantic was founded by a guy named Brad, who also happens to be a marketing director for Rockstar North.

GTA 4 mod lets you take selfies

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GTA 4 modders do a good trade in bringing Rockstar's 6-year-old open world epic in line with its soon to be released on PC sequel. That and turning Niko into a horse. Here's another feature that the community have crowbarred back into the older game: selfies.

GTA 4 iCEnhancer creator taking break from modding after years of abuse

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Today on Internet Jerks Ruin Everything: the creator of Grand Theft Auto's impressive iCEnhancer mod has decided to hang up his modding boots and head for pastures less horrible, at least for a while. In a Facebook post, Hayssam Keilany announced that he's taking a break from modding thanks to a vitriolic community "trying to bring me down constantly". iCEnhancer 3.0's installer and downgrader tools are both on the way, but after that Keilany is "done for a while".

GTA 4 graphics mod iCEnhancer gets major new 3.0 update

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Yes, GTA 5 will arrive on PC later this year. Don't start salivating over the inevitable graphics mods just yet, though: there's still a reason to appreciate the game's slightly older brother. That reason is iCEnhancer 3.0, the new release of the excellent Grand Theft Auto 4 mod. This version updates the ENB, upgrades multiple post-processing effects and improves the game's performance.

Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC may release November 14, according to retailer

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Gotta love those vague seasonal release windows, right? We know Grand Theft Auto 5 is releasing this 'Autumn' (or Spring in Australia), but there's a big question mark over whether it'll release before or after the annual October bottleneck, when about eleven million games will release. According to Danish retailer Coolshop Europeans will get the game November 14. It could be placeholder, but games usually release on Fridays in Europe so it's possible.

GTA 5 trailer analysis: cats, dogs, smog, and more new features spotted

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Rockstar say the long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will “take full advantage of the power of PC” and feature “across-the-board graphical and technical improvements” including “increased draw distances, finer texture details, new wildlife, and upgraded weather.” So I thought I’d take a closer look at the E3 trailer to see if I could find any evidence of this. It’s also worth noting that Rockstar captured this footage on a PlayStation 4, so it might look even better on PC.

Reinstall: Bully

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Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. Today, Sam Roberts brushes up on his high school etiquette for a return to Bully's halls of mischief.

Bully starts with the shitty experience of going to a new school and ends with a subculture civil war. Certain media outlets flew off the handle when Rockstar announced they were making a game titled Bully, given their traditional adult subject matter and the context of the story, but the irony is that this is Rockstar’s softest and silliest game, with the warmest heart.

The GTA open-world template is borrowed almost in its entirety; even missions and distractions are similarly represented on the map. Instead of matching the earlier San Andreas’s scale, however, Rockstar Vancouver pursued detail and intimacy: the town of Bullworth feels about the size of an island in GTA III. What you get instead is an environment that shares more DNA with a Deus Ex hub or Arkham City, where there’s logic behind the placing of buildings and a more handcrafted feel to the art direction. It’s a more experimental approach to open-world design from Rockstar. I see Bully as their passion project, the chance to take commercially proven game mechanics and apply to them to the sort of story no other developers would think of telling.

GTA 5 bug log lists PC version and DirectX 11 effects

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As the petition asking Rockstar to bring GTA 5 to PC passes 650,000 signees, yet more evidence for a PC edition has emerged. This time it's a 150-page bug log detailing issues arising from hundreds of GTA 5 builds tested between April 2009 and August 2013, with reference to a "PC version" from as early as June 2012.

The document contains over 170 references to PC development bugs, numerous notes on DX11 support and a related "smog" weather setting, mention of a "lastgen" toggle used during development and bugs relating to 64-bit system testing.

Grand Theft Auto's creator remaking original game in Game Maker

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Ask someone to associate a real, live human with Grand Theft Auto today, and they will most likely say Dan or Sam Houser, the current heads of Rockstar Games. But neither of the brothers actually created the series. YoYo Games' Head of Development Michael Dailly actually created the original game in the mid-1990s, alongside David Jones. Now Dailly is revisiting his 1997 opus with modern technology and a 3D upgrade.

GTA 5 PC release: all the evidence so far

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Hordes of postmen fill the street, armies of retail staff scurry through their fluorescent aisles, and the world's console-owning population have simultaneously phoned in a variety of minor ailments. Grand Theft Auto V has launched and, by all reports, it's A Big Deal. Unless you own a PC, that is, in which case, it's a Tuesday.

What hope do we have of joining GTA 5's triumvirate of crims and, more importantly, when? Rockstar's sandbox of car chases and petty violence began its life on PC, but without an official announcement, can we assume that we'll have a chance to holiday in Los Santos? Let's delve into the murky lake of internet rumour, and fish out any facts we can find.

GTA 5 trailer shows your usual mix of plot, action, and criminal antics

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There's another trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5. Except, wait, apparently this one is The Official Trailer. Does that call in to question the legitimacy of allthepreviousvideos? Not at all. But given how much action, shouting, shooting and expositing that Rockstar pack into this single minute, it's clear why they'd want it to get the definitive article.

GTA Online screenshots show a wholesome time with pals

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Sure, crime and violence are great, but too often they're solitary pursuits. As much fun as you can have ploughing through digital pedestrians, or leading the virtual cops towards an open arena for a final last stand, wouldn't it be better if you could share the experience with friends? That's the promise of GTA Online, with its 16-player persistent open world. A new crop of screenshots have surfaced, showing the bonding experience that can result from pointing some guns at some people.

Grand Theft Auto Online trailer reveals a persistent 16-player world

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Rockstar have just filled in the details of Grand Theft Auto Online: a persistent, open world for 16 players that initially will share features and locations from GTA5, but will continue to expand and evolve after its release. It seems to be a much-improved variation on the open co-op carnage offered by GTA IV, and will be made available on October 1st, free for all owners of GTA5. Which unfortunately won't include PC owners, as we're still waiting on that game's announcement.

GTA 5 PC release date hinted at by Nvidia director [Updated]

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Grand Theft Auto V steals its way onto the current batch of consoles next month, and from everything Rockstar have shown so far, it's looking pretty good. A shame then, that a PC version still hasn't been announced - even if is history tells us we will eventually get our hands on the game. Now, though, a comment by Chris Evenden, Nvidia's senior director of investor relations, may be hinting at a sooner-than-expected PC release.

GTA 4 mod enables GTA 5 style character switching

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Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you switch between the game's three characters, warping to another part of the city to take charge of their anti-social activities. It sounds great, which makes it a shame that we've been left waiting - not just for Rockstar to release the game on PC, but for them to even announce it. At least, we would be if modders weren't tirelessly working to bring GTA 4 up to speed with its successor.

GTA 5 screenshots show vehicles, guns, trouserless quad biking

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Maybe you think Rockstar have gone overboard with the number of screenshots they're releasing for Grand Theft Auto 5. It has been a lot, but in fairness to them, open world games aren't exactly short of picture possibilities. A man holding a gun in profile to the sun? Another man without britches, quad-biking away from the police? A third man (*gasp*) leaning on a railing!? Whatever will they think of next?