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PC Gamer UK January issue: World of Warplanes

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Tally ho, skipper, we've got a new issue bearing down on your six. This month, it's the airborne acrobatics of World of Warplanes that's soaring toward the cover. We've sent our ace pilots Andy and Ben to give you a full dogfighting masterclass; handing out the best tips, lessons and historical manoeuvres for Wargaming's latest free-to-play battler. Once you're chock-full of aeronautic knowledge, you can take advantage of our gift: a free World of Warplanes starter kit for new accounts, giving 500 in-game gold, 3 days of premium access and a Supermarine Type 224 fighter plane.

And then there's more. We're rolling out the red carpets and stocking up on mini bottles of bubbly, because it's time for our Game of the Year Awards. We've picked out the best the year had to offer, and sprinkled in our own favourites. The issue, which is in shops now, can also be ordered through My Favourite Magazines. Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store, Google Play, and Zinio, and you can subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Read on for a look at the subs cover, and a round-up of the features in issue 261.

PC Gamer presents: PC Hardware, The Ultimate Guide 2014

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Planning to upgrade your rig? Thinking about building a whole new system? We're on the cusp of a new console generation, which is a great time to get your PC in shape. But where do you go for the latest information on the components that will stand the test of time? We've condensed the knowledge of our resident PC experts into this, PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2014. Throughout its 146 pages, you'll find in-depth reviews for every aspect of your PC. Over two hundred products have been judged, ensuring that if you're looking to upgrade, you've got the last word in quality kit. You'll find buyer advice that covers everything from 3D cards, processors and motherboards, through keyboards, mice and headsets, to pre-built systems and laptops. We've also included a complete guide to building a sofa-surfing, next-gen beating, living room PC.

PC Gamer presents: The Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide, out now

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Introducing The PC Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide! This weighty 148 tome of judgement holds no less than 4,728 reviews from PC Gamer long history, from classics like Half-Life, Minecraft and Skyrim to stinkers like Big Brother and (dare I even speak its name) Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. From 1% to 96%, from shooters to strategies to sims, we've assembled twenty years worth of verdicts into one indispensable almanac - the ultimate buyer's guide and a celebration of PC Gamer's heritage rolled into one mag.

The Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide is out now. For £9.99, you can order your physical copy through My Favourite Magazines or, for £6.99, download it to your iPad/iPhone via the PC Gamer App. Read on for a list of just a few of the thousands of reviews you'll find inside.

PC Gamer UK February issue: Bioshock Infinite

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The evenings may finally be getting lighter, but the Frost Giants who rule this frigid land have yet to be driven back into the icy lairs. If this was the floating city of Columbia (as seen in the spectacular story-driven shooter Bioshock Infinite, this month's cover-star) we'd simply quaff the pyrokinetic vigor known as the Devil's Kiss and turn them into Puddle Giants instead. Alas, we must resort to the meagre compensation provided by thermal underwear and sneaky swigs from a hip flask while the editor isn't looking. But at least we can all settle down with the latest issue of PC Gamer and vicariously experience the blue skies and gruesome immolations of Bioshock Infinite through Tom Francis' gigantic hands-on feature.

PC Gamer UK November issue: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

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The leaves tumble from their branches, frosty fronds etch car bonnets in the cool hours of the morning, and highstreet shops prematurely fill their shelves with tinselly tat. Yes, winter approaches. But fear not those long dark hours! We bring you issue 245 of PC Gamer to warm and illuminate with stories of giant war robots, jump-pack powered interstellar pioneers and more!

On the cover this month is one of the hirsute kung-fu masters from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. We have a whopping eight page feature on Blizzard's long-running monster MMORPG, with 50 tips to help you squeeze the most awesome from its latest expansion. Hot on its heels is our huge Planetside 2 guide, talking you through the Auraxian battlegrounds and most hectic hotspots. And if you weren't yet convinced that playing together was the best way to stay warm this winter, we follow that up with our 15 favourite co-op games of all time. Oh, and then we just straight out give you one of them, in the form of a Steam code for Payday: The Heist.

And while we're in the spirit of giving, the mag also includes access to the DOTA 2 beta - a code which might otherwise set you back £20.

Issue 245 is on shelves and online right now. Our digi-edition can also be purchased through Zinio and Apple Newsstand. There's also the option to subscribe and get each issue earlier and for less money! Sweet. Read on for fulsome details of issue 245's finely crafted content.

The Old Republic writer: "A Bioware writer is a games designer"

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In an interview in PC Gamer UK issue 228, Bioware writing director Daniel Erickson gave some insight into the Bioware writing process and how it is at the forefront of their game design. "A BioWare writer is a game designer." He said. "What I’ve learned though, and what the rest of the industry is still wrestling with, is: you can teach a writer to be a junior game designer. You cannot teach a junior game designer to be a writer. You need somebody who is a senior master level writer and then you teach them the basics of game design."

PC Gamer now on Pulse!

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Ooh looky! PC Gamer has been selected as a featured source in Pulse, the #1 free news app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.

Pulse turns news sources – including posts from the very best PC gaming news source in the whole world – into an interactive glanceable, fun-making mosaic. It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share our news and updates with your friends and minions.

To read PC Gamer and other news sources through Pulse, download the app at http://bit.ly/pulsedl, then add PC Gamer from the Featured Sources by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the front page.

That is all. You may return to your guilds.