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You've heard about the PC Gamer Club, right? You know, the membership programme we launched earlier this year that nets members a digital subscription to PC Gamer magazine, monthly game keys, ad-free-browsing on this site, and more. More information can be found via our Club FAQ. 

Anyway, this month's PC Gamer Club Legendary tier game is Tropico 4. This cult favourite series sees you become El Presidente, and run an island state however you see fit. It has enhanced diplomacy options over its predecessor, and is generally considered a better game than Tropico 3. "Growing bananas and rigging elections remains remarkably entertaining" is what Tim Stone said in his original review of Tropico 4 from a few years back. Now it's yours to own. Enjoy. 

This game comes courtesy of retailer Bundle Stars and Kalypso Media, who also publish skyscraper construction and management sim Project Highrise, which has Very Positive user reviews on Steam. You play the role of an architect and developer, building world renowned skyscrapers that are the envy of every major city. That game's available now.

And, for even more Tropico action, you might like to check out Bundle Stars' Nemesis 3 Bundle. It includes Tropico 5, Facerig, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Trilogy and Styx: Master of Shadows.  

Sign up forms for the PC Gamer Club Legendary tier can be found in this direction. 

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