Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Online teases the world with a few more videos

Perry Vandell at

Details about Capcom and Tencent’s massive, monster-slaying bonanza are a little sparse, but what we do know is the game’s an MMO using the eye-candy factory known as CryEngine 3 to create a land of calming waterfalls, swaying foliage, and a bunch of cuddly monsters just waitingto be hunted.

Brazen: Double Fine's latest prototype mixes Ray Harryhausen films and Monster Hunter

Marsh Davies at

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight prototype jam, in which the gaming public get to vote on the game they make next, continues with the reveal of Brazen, a co-op brawler that combines the strategically-rich beast-slaying of Monster Hunter with the stop-motion creature features of yore. Hit the jump to see men punch a two-headed tortoise to death with oversized metal fists and admire project lead Brad Muir's modest but well-sculpted beard.