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PC classic commentary: King's Quest VI with Jane Jensen

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PC Gamer's classic commentaries are special interviews with the developers of some of our favorite games. Join us for an hour with a classic game and the inside stories of its creation.

Zounds! Before legendary adventure game designer Jane Jensen worked on King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, she was, herself, a fan of King's Quest. Jensen and Sierra co-founder Roberta Williams collaborated on King's Quest VI, and Prince Alexander's adventures in the Land of the Green Isles may be the fan favorite of series. Over the course of an hour, Jane Jensen tells stories from the King's Quest's development and her career at Sierra as she plays the game for the first time in 20 years.

Ten top fan-remade classics you can play for free right now

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This article came together by accident. I was fighting through the backlog of games I had on my PC, when I realised that I'd played three amazing fan remakes in a row. Black Mesa, The Dark Mod, and Pioneer were all lined-up beside some of the year's biggest releases, and I barely even took stock of where they came from or how they came to be. They just seemed like great games and I wanted to play them. They are, and they're not alone: the PC's capacity to enable fans to engage with their favourite games in the most direct way possible has given us piles of amazing games to play, and here are ten of my favourites.

It's adventure time on GOG with up to 50% off classic Activision games

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One of our favorite digital distributors is running the "Adventures with Activision" promo this weekend, bringing to mind heartwarming tales of friendship, ponies, and heavy discounts on classic games. It's like my childhood all over again!

Telltale no longer planning King's Quest revival

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Despite an announcement way back in the distant past of 2011, Telltale have today confirmed that they're no longer working on a revival of the Sierra adventure game classic, King's Quest. The statement was made after news came in that the licence had returned back to Activision, who are speculated to have their own plans for the series.

Sacred Cows: Killing Your Darlings, Vol 1

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Games. Most of them land with an explosion of excitement, only to burn out quickly and shuffle off into our memories. Occasionally though, one takes root in our hearts and becomes something more - a game that defines a generation, a genre, a memory, or the warm feeling of falling in love for the first time.

But bottoms to that touchy-feely crap! Today, we're taking five games you think you love, and driving the boot into their smug, over-rated faces. Prepare to watch your darlings be murdered, or at least get their toenails lightly ripped out. Nostalgia? That's just another way of saying 'too damn soft'.

Telltale to reboot King's Quest series

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Adventure game factory Telltale has announced that the classic Sierra adventure series is the next to get the Tales of Monkey Island treatment, with a "rebooted" episodic adventure series planned for later this year. Nothing's known about how the game will look or play, but it's definitely coming.