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Asus unveils slim, Core i7-powered GX500 gaming laptop with 4K display

Andy Chalk at

My own laptop is several years old, weighs a little more than a cinder block and gives me enough time during boot-up to make a sandwich and watch a Barney Miller rerun. I am, therefore, perhaps a little more impressed by the new Asus GX500 gaming notebook revealed today at Computex 2014 than others might be. It packs a Core i7 CPU—and more importantly, a 4K display—into a laptop package less than two centimeters thick.

Just arrived: Samsung 700G7A

Adam Oxford at

Not a name you'd normally associate with gaming notebooks, Samsung's latest 700G7A has just turned up in the office ready for review in issue 235. With its 17.3inch, 1080p screen and £1500 price tag, it's up against some fairly serious opposition from the likes of Alienware and ASUS, but I think it'll do rather well.

Here's why.

Get £100 off a new MSI laptop

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Fancy getting £100 off a top end gaming laptop? MSI is today launching a cashback scheme offering to return up to one hundred of your finest pounds in a cashback scheme if you buy one of its four of its best performing notebooks. It's available to UK customers only and with the caveat that the laptop must be bought from a UK store.

We wouldn't normally report on this sort of promotion, except that it extends to the GX660R range which won the most recent laptop round up in PCG 228.