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The 100 game giveaway! (US only)

Logan Decker at

Observe, if you will, our Facebook page. As of this writing, we count 92,271 intrepid souls among our fans--a number that grows, inexorably, with every passing day. Our forces grow stronger even as I write this, and when we top 100,000 fans, our army shall be unstoppable.

In order to hasten the advancement of our forces and to reward the courageous and forward-thinking fans who have made us the number one source of news in the whole world devoted exclusively to the great wonder that is PC gaming, I, Logan Decker, decree that we shall give away 100 games this week. That’s 20 per day, in a different genre each day, every day of the week through Friday.

The top five RPG Maker games

Chris Thursten at

On the great map of PC gaming, the RPG Maker Network lies somewhere south of indie and west of modding. An often-overlooked community with strong ties to the fractious independent nations of fandom, the network is known for its abundant remakes and demakes of classic console JRPGs. More recently, though, a series of avant-garde releases - the harrowing (and very adult) Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer, the legitimate surrealism of Space Funeral – have drawn attention to RPG Maker as something more, perhaps, than just a repository for pet projects and Deep Internet stickiness. Here are games that make a strong case for RPG Maker as a vibrant – if not commercially viable – platform for indie development, that treat the oft-lamented JRPG formula as a springboard for some pretty exciting and involved thinking about games.