Get a free Steam key for Grimoire: Manastorm, with Bundle Stars


Today, we've got a special treat for you: multiplayer FPS wizards. We're giving away 200,000 Steam keys for Grimoire: Manastorm. It's an Early Access wizard-'em-up—a first-person 'shooter' with devastating magic taking the place of bullets or grenades.

Grimoire: Manastorm lets you pick from a pool of six wizard classes, and wield spells inspired from Dota 2 and League of Legends. It's been favourable reviewed by Steam users, and will be further added to with patches and updates as developer Omniconnection continues to expand the game.

We're giving away these keys in association with Bundle Stars, who specialise in creating big game bundles to offer customers discounts of up to 97%. Bundle Stars has just launched the Strike Lucky Sale, including the STALKER Complete Bundle for 75% off, and the Shadow of Mordor Bundle for 60% off. Spend more than $8/€8/£6 between now and June 30 and you'll receive a free mystery gift of indie classics, AAA blockbusters or even Steam Wallet credit.

To grab your free Steam key for Grimoire: Manastorm, simply follow the instructions below.

The giveaway will last until Monday 29 June at 4pm BST.


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