Play the pre-alpha demo of the '80s inspired Power Drive 2000

Power Drive 2000

Power Drive 2000—or, as I am affectionately renaming it, Synthwave Album Art: The Game—is an '80s-style arcade racer with a talking car. It's Outrun meets Knight Rider, by way of Kavinsky. It's also on Kickstarter, with a prototype demo that you can try right now.

It's similar to the recent and excellent looking Drift Stage, albeit with a darker, more sci-fi infused aesthetic.

Multiple game modes are promised, most of which are some form of time trial. Local and online multiplayer is also planned. And the soundtrack? It's being supplied by a wide variety of synthwave artists. Which makes sense, because... well, look at the thing.

As for the Kickstarter campaign, the team is hoping to raise $45,000 CAD. It'll be a close thing. Just over $36,000 CAD has been raised, with only 56 hours remaining.

If you'd like to try the "extremely buggy and glitchy" pre-alpha demo, head over to the Power Drive 2000 Kickstarter page.

Phil Savage

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