Badass Inc is a free cyberpunk adventure

Badass Inc

I'll level with you. It's the week before Gamescom, and a Monday. We are at peak slow news day. And so, this: a cool thing that's actually a couple of months old, but seemingly hasn't yet been mentioned on PC Gamer and is definitely worth your time.

Badass Inc was created for Ludum Dare 32. It's a traditional adventure game with a non-traditional setting. It's the cyberpunk future, and you're a anthropomorphic feline assassin tasked with completing an unconventional hit. Specifically, a hit involving a toilet, a bottle of laxatives and a large explosion.

Puzzle wise, it's a relatively simple affair. In most instances you'll be walking up to things, picking up things, and using those things on other things. There's combat, too. Fortunately, it's brief and super simple.

What makes Badass Inc special is its gorgeous pixel art and atmospheric soundtrack. It paints a sleek and stylish world. And, judging by the ending of this particular adventure, it's a world that will be expanded on in the future.

Play Badass Inc in-browser here.

Phil Savage

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