Ex-Blizzard and Gazillion devs are making a Hearthstone competitor

Mythgard is a collectible card game from Rhino Games, a studio made up of former Blizzard and Gazillion developers. It’s set in a world reminiscent of Shadowrun, where magic and mythical beings rub shoulders with ordinary folks living in modern cities. It’s got a punky, urban fantasy vibe with card battles that are meant to combine the pace of Hearthstone with the tactical complexity of Magic.

The recently killed-off Android: Netrunner is the only CCG I really care about, if I’m honest, but the card art alone has convinced me that I should probably play a few rounds of Mythgard, at the very least. There are no limitations like classes or factions, so you can build your deck however you want, including just picking the flashiest pictures. It’s a strategy that has never let me down before.

Accompanying the scraps between players will be a singleplayer story campaign. Rhino’s not spilling the beans yet, but it sounds like the campaign will serve as a tutorial, helping players build their skills and decks before they start giving actual humans paper cuts. 

A closed beta and an early access phase are coming in early 2019; you’ll be able to download it from Steam, but there’s going to be browser and mobile versions available, too. During the beta, you’ll get to play the single-player story campaign, fight in 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer, duke it out in ranked and casual PvP and collect more than 300 unique cards. 

The closed beta kicks off on January 2019. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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