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Defiance beta key giveaway: a sci-fi MMO shooter with a TV series and a touch of Monster Hunter

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What are you doing this weekend? Is it more fun than battling skyscraping Hellbugs amid the twisted ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge with thousands of other players in a persistent open world future-San Francisco?

For the purposes of this exciting beta key giveaway post, let us assume you answered in the negative. But dry your eyes! The imminent Defiance beta weekend can supply all your cooperative Hellbug vanquishing needs! Defiance is a thirdperson sci-fi shooter that looks to be a one part PlanetSide to one part Monster Hunter - both good parts to have. It also comes with an accompanying TV show, courtesy of the Syfy channel. You can find out how such a thing fits together yourself by snagging one of the 100 beta keys we have to give away.

Firefall beta key giveaway: win weekend access

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It's a shooter. It's an MMO. It's got jetpacks, armies of aliens to blast and a focused 5v5 player vs. player combat. Firefall defies quick description. The best way to get a sense for Red 5's MMOFPS is to jump in and start shooting yourself. We have 5,000 keys to this weekend's beta test session ready to distribute among soldiers willing to leap to planet Earth's defense. Read on to for a chance to take your place alongside the noble defenders of Copacabana.

Hawken beta incoming. Win one of 2,000 beta keys!

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Free to play multiplayer mech-'em-up, Hawken, is entering its beta phase this week ahead of a December release. Why leave it until Christmas to jump into a bipedal death machine? We've got 2,000 beta keys for Hawken to give away right now.

To enter, simply click through the link below and follow the instructions. The first 2,000 to register will receive a key by email when the giveaway concludes on Wednesday.

Rift: Storm Legion beta key giveaway

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Rift's Storm Legion expansion pack will add two vast new continents that triple the size of the game world. It includes seven new dungeons, three raids, a new chronicle, new souls to equip and another ten levels to earn. Basically, it's so big you'll need a bit of a head start to see it all. We have 500 keys to the this weekend's beta event sitting right here. Fancy one? Waltz this way to find out how to apply.

End of Nations beta key giveaway: win access and exclusive lightning skin!

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End of Nations is a free to play RTS of epic scale. The full game will support 26-a-side warzones in which each player controls a custom army equipped with high tech unlocks and snazzy paintjobs. The final beta testing session is set to kick off on Thursday and run through until this Sunday October 9. If you fancy jumping in, we've got codes coming out of our ears.

If you get into the beta with a PC Gamer key you'll get a Lightning skin set that you'll be able to use in the beta to demonstrate your obvious superiority, and in the full game when it's released later this year.

Participating in the beta will also gift you 500 in-game credits when the game launches, so you'll be able to go on a shopping spree and buy that leopard skin tank armour you've always wanted.