Rift: Storm Legion beta key giveaway

Rift's Storm Legion expansion pack will add two vast new continents that triple the size of the game world. It includes seven new dungeons, three raids, a new chronicle, new souls to equip and another ten levels to earn. Basically, it's so big you'll need a bit of a head start to see it all. We have 500 keys to the this weekend's beta event sitting right here. Fancy one? Waltz this way to find out how to apply.

All you have to do is click on the following link and fill in the form. The first 500 entries will receive a beta key via email when the competition closes on Friday.

Let me into the Rift: Storm Legion beta!

The beta is set to run from Friday through to nexy Wednesday. You can find out more about Storm Legion's quests, zones and monsters in our hands-on , or check out the official Rift site for more details. Storm Legion will give players a bit of personal space in which to construct houses. Take a look at a variety of abodes in the latest trailer:

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