Firefall beta key giveaway: win weekend access

Firefall preview

It's a shooter. It's an MMO. It's got jetpacks, armies of aliens to blast and a focused 5v5 player vs. player combat. Firefall defies quick description. The best way to get a sense for Red 5's MMOFPS is to jump in and start shooting yourself. We have 5,000 keys to this weekend's beta test session ready to distribute among soldiers willing to leap to planet Earth's defense. Read on to for a chance to take your place alongside the noble defenders of Copacabana.

For a chance to grab a key, follow the instructions on the other side of this link:

I am the very model of a jetpack Major-General, I shoot all aliens vegetable, animal, and mineral.

The first 5,000 entrants will receive a key via email when the competition closes on Thursday. Keys can be redeemed on the Firefall sit e to gain access.

For more on Firefall, check out our preview cover feature in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK .

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